Dedicated to expanding the delivery of Faith Based and Core Family Values films into mainstream distribution
Faith Film Funding provides private funding access to fuel the advertising side of your P & A budget delivering structured component based funding or access to cover your entire media plan. We will commit our funding early in the process with a letter of commitment. In many cases this will allow you to best negotiate your completion funding, distribution agreements and foreign market pre-sales. For projects that meet our investment criteria we traditionally fund 50% - 70% of the A side of the P&A equation. This provides significant leverage for a producer or distributor. Funding is available from $100,000 up to $10 million or more.
Faith Film Funding is a specialized division of P & A Funding Solutions dedicated to expanding the delivery of Faith Based and Core Family Values films into mainstream distribution.
As a full-service placement agency, Faith Film Funding offers all major forms of media placements to meet your advertising objectives. We provide advertising placement expertise, a complete suite of media planning tools, campaign development services and response analytics to implement a first class advertising campaign. We deliver the same services as a traditional agency, we also participate in the funding needed to implement the campaign.
The Basics Of Print & Advertising ( P&A ) Financing Prints and Advertising (P&A) financing comes into play as a film completes production and moves into post production, anticipating distribution. This round of financing covers two components:(1) The Prints: Prints are the actual physical film that are shown in theaters, and (2) The Advertising: Those efforts designed to create awareness of the film and drive traffic into the theaters. The P&A financing is traditionally the last money brought into a film project and the first money repaid out of the distribution of revenues coming out of the distributor. With the advertising aspect for any theatrically released film being a key component to the success of the film, obtaining sufficient P&A financing is looked at by many as a key component of the overall profitability of a film. Faith Film Funding can provide from $100,000 up to $10 million or more of P&A funding to faith-based and core family values films in support of mainstream theatrical distribution.
Reach millions of core faith targeted movie goers using the nation’s premier conservative media properties.
If you have a film completing production, anticipating distribution, and seeking funding for your P&A budget; please Contact us or Tell Us About Your Film